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Posted: Thu, 24th Jul 2014 5:34 PM

Hi Lee,
In the last few days our sound has been breaking up and it takes us off the mic . Just want to inform you about this issue. Thank you for your dedication and time for making Winbus what it is. I know it can be stressful but LEE look how far you have come. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! We want to see Win Bus prosper and keep going forward. God Bless You and your family sincerely bubbly take care!

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Posted: Fri, 25th Jul 2014 9:12 AM


I will investigate this shortly.

Please be sure in the software, at least for the majority of people, when you click the orange speaker icon to the left of the 'Talk' button, a context menu should pop up, in there is the 'Latency Threshold' setting, this should be set to 'Optimal'.

Let me know if that has any effect, if it is already optimal and several users are experiencing it, not just you, let me know.

I'll look into it either way but the more information provided the easier it will be to trace.

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