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Posted: Thu, 8th May 2014 6:26 PM


When the users logging in on the winbus page, the personal information (login credentials: user, password) appears as plain text.

This information can get over LAN. Please change the protocol to HTTPS.


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Posted: Thu, 8th May 2014 10:00 PM


Anything you send can be read if somebody has access to your LAN and is capable. You can also decrypt HTTPS, so while it is an additional security step unless you're exchanging very private details it is hardly a necessity in my humble opinion. HTTPS works based on public key encryption, if you're sitting on the LAN of course, you are privee to these keys being exchanged and therefore able to decrypt any byproduct of that cipher at will.

I understand your need to criticize my works, but please keep it at least realistic.


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Posted: Sun, 17th May 2020 11:09 PM

christopher si quieres seguridad, desconecta tu pc de la red ...

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