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Posted: Tue, 20th Jun 2017 2:41 PM

New version now online for update/full installation.

Version: 1.0.122

- Improved: Multi language support.

- Added: Extra term details.

- Improved: UI scaling with different languages.

- Updated: System protocol. Please note that in 72 hours, all older versions of Win Bus Messenger will no longer login. This is for security purposes and to help combat users attempting to cause drama.

- Coming Soon: We could not finish the new features in time for this release, but they are in testing currently: ability to select audio in/out device (this will make streaming music, and selecting audio devices much simpler), new file transfer and calling features (this no longer requires UPnP, making this usable for everybody without any issue), more audio codecs for lower bandwidth users to enjoy voice without any network latency issues (no more lag).


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